Complete online dispatch & administration tool

The web portal offers a clear dispatch & administration environment for all admins and operators.

Web Portal

Manage all work directly from your desktop

You can create, assign or dispatch jobs directly from the Web Portal.

The web portal also gives you insight in your administration for your (group) jobs and settlements, manage your groups and debtors, configure your products and trip pricing and have insight in your analytics.

The Web Portal is part of YourDriverApp Fleet Solutions


Dispatch panel

Manage and dispatch all your jobs directly from your laptop, desktop or tablet.

The online web portal offers a clear dispatch environment of your (group’s) jobs for you and your admins and operators to be able to work not only from your phone, but also from any other device.


Track & Trace

The web portal offers a robust Track & Trace solution that provides important management information of your fleet.

For efficient dispatching and planning, you need to know the whereabouts of your vehicles. The YourDriverApp allows you to track your vehicles on the map using the GPS of the device. The map shows vehicles and status (occupied / free) at a glance.

Earnings and payouts


The web portal offers detailed insight in your administration of your drivers, groups and jobs.

We have made it really easy for you to see how much you’ve been paid in the past and what’s still coming. The Settlement section gives a great overview of all job settlements and easy exporting tools for your accounting software.



Extra options for Business Groups

The web portal offers a variety of extra options to manage your fleet.

Besides being able to manage, dispatch and administrate your fleet’s jobs, the Web Portal also provides users several options to configure products, debtor details and set extensive trip price calculations.

With our platform, fleet managers can easily generate more money via their network. Our system can calculate all commissions and possible payouts applicable to the driver’s bank account.


driver portal

The Web Portal is part of Fleet Solutions:

The Web Portal is part of YourDriverApp Fleet Solutions. Try the full solution and set it up with our own branding, pricing and payment options in a 100% no-risk 14-day free-trial that requires no payment details and expires automatically.

Includes 300 bookings monthly. Additional bookings ar billed at €0.10 per booking with volume pricing available.

Get YourDriverApp Fleet Solutions and get:

  • Web Portal and Dispatch Panel
  • Online Web Booker
  • Unlimited Web Dispatchers
  • Unlimited drivers with GPS tracking
  • Unlimited API connections

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