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Forget WhatsApp, here’s YourDriverApp! One powerful app to manage your drivers, jobs and passengers.

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Take your taxi or limo business to the next level with our tools to book, plan, assign, drive and collect payment.

Build your network of drivers straight from your phone contacts
Share your location and availability and dispatch jobs on the go
Improve your passenger service and maintain local market
Send instant messages to drivers and groups, safe and fast

Private groups of drivers

Create and manage your first private group and add drivers straight from your phone contacts.

Assign admin or operator rights and choose how you wish to collaborate in your group. Groups can be set up so that only group admins can see the status and location of group members or you can choose a more transparent setup where all members have full visibility.

Instant messaging

All communication regarding jobs and drivers in one place.

Send instant messages as easily as WhatsApp and Telegram. Directly to a single driver or an entire group. Safe, fast and super easy.


Track & trace

Get real-time insight into availability and GPS positions of all your connected drivers.

As soon as a driver starts a shift, their location will be shown on a map or on any of the list views. The overview will also show if the driver is available, on his way to a pickup or if he has a passenger on board.

Job planning and status

Get detailed insight into job planning and status from the dispatch panel.

The dispatch panel gives you insight into all planned jobs split into multiple views. Get an overview of all jobs that still need to be dispatched to a driver. After assigning a driver to a job, you get real-time monitoring of the ride progress, including the actual GPS position of the assigned driver.

Advanced dispatching to drivers

Assign a driver or let Automated Group Dispatch do the maths.

Assign a job directly to any phone contact, even if they have never heard of YourDriverApp! Send them a link with the job details via SMS, email or any social network of choice. Automated Group Dispatch can be used to assign the job to the first available driver within your group using our advanced algorithm or you can post the link to a WhatsApp group of drivers where the first driver can accept!

Less administration, more earnings

Forget about time-consuming administration tasks.

All jobs created in the app are automatically saved and processed in the YourDriverApp trip
administration and financial management tool. Get insight on all trips dispatched or received and
filter by driver to create reports in the driver portal. Set a commission per job to keep track of your
receivables. Create statements and convert them to invoices any time you want.

Free for drivers

The first and only dispatch system that doesn’t charge you a license fee per driver!

Unlimited drivers, unlimited jobs. No catch. With YourDriverApp it is possible to set up a fleet of 200+ drivers and dispatch hundreds of jobs per month while only paying EUR 7,99 per month… that’s for the entire fleet!

Integrate any booking solution

Link any booking solution to your group

Link your own passenger booking app, your website, Taxi Butler or any other solution via our API and new jobs will automatically be created in your dispatch panel, ready to be dispatched to your drivers.



Download the app from the App Stores for free unlimited dispatching. Check out our optional upgrades for advanced dispatchers or fleet owners here.

Trust Agreement

We’ve already signed a Trust Agreement. This is our way of showing mutual trust and respect for you and your business.

Milco Leijen


  • We won’t compete with you. It’s our promise to never compete with you. We are not a taxi booking app and will not serve passengers in any way.

  • We will never dispatch outside your group. You will always be in charge of your network of customers, drivers and dispatching.

  • No long term contracts. Technology is changing fast and you need flexibility to adapt to it. Therefore, we don’t want you to feel stuck in a contract.

  • No commissions. We don’t believe commissions are the right incentive. We supply you with technology, not with the job itself. Therefore we choose to not charge any commissions.

Case Study

"Since I started using YourDriverApp, I feel like I've made a big step forward."

When it comes to dispatch systems there are loads of companies that say they understand my business, but YourDriverApp really listened. They understand that I have more than one stakeholder. Now I'm able to view driver availability, dispatch work, and more. From the easy-to-access interface of a mobile phone, at last, the dispatching process is genuinely portable. 

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