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An app for drivers and dispatchers. Built to empower independent drivers by helping them to join forces in private groups and together be successful in servicing customers in their local market.

Our purpose is to give the power back to the independent driver. To put an halt to the current movement of exploitation where drivers are made more and more dependant on large international tech firms that force them into low prices with ever increasing commission rates for servicing customers in their own local market. Read more about our purpose here.

Like what we are trying to do? Here’s how you could help:
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If you are an independent taxi or limo driver, then chances are big that you are currently a member in one or more private WhatsApp, Telegram or email groups with fellow drivers. Read here how YourDriverApp could help you to save big time on administration while improving service level to your network of customers.

Because this app can make your job a lot easier

Our business models is set up not to cost you anything. The app is available as a free download with 90% of the functionality being donation based. For those that choose to support us with any our paid plans we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Read more about our pay as you can business model here

Because we guarantee not to cost you anything

Whether we like it or not, the world is getting more and more digitized. In order to be successful as an independent driver now, and in the future, one needs to be connected with the online world. YourDriverApp does exactly that: it enables you to connect with your own customers and fellow drivers you work with and it provides options to connect to external sources for getting more work.

Because staying connected is the only way forward

Is the app still missing something you need? Let us know from the app. With over 6 million drivers worldwide, we believe that dispatching technology can be made affordable. Donation based, pay as you can (or wish!). Read more about our pay as you can business model here.

Because inviting extra drivers will speed up the development of new features