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We’re here to help – not get in the way.

Whether you’re using our free app or your very own customized version, we use the fastest dispatching algorithms, cloud-store the paperwork and calculate the payments for you– while you earn and grow your business…without a care in the world!


Dispatching Software

World-Class Dispatching Software

We take dispatching jobs efficiently within your network to another level. Assign a job to one of your drivers manually or let the system do the magic for you with our state-of-the-art automated dispatching. On average, dispatching is done within seconds!


Administration Portal

Administration Portal

Our cloud based portal is the informational hub for all our apps and connected services. It’s the go-to place to get insight regarding analysis, statistics and information about jobs, shifts and earnings from YourDriverApp.

Feel a drastic cut-down on your admin work. Since the system keeps track of each job that is dispatched in your group, you can generate specifications for customer invoicing or driver payouts using the simple click of a button.

All relevant data is directly linked to the booking:

  • Actual times at pickup and drop-off address.
  • Route taken by the driver.
  • Distance, travel time, calculated price and many more.
  • Passenger review.
Performance Management

Performance Management

Ratings and reviews are simple yet powerful tools to keep your service quality high.

Your customers will be able to set the rating of a driver and leave a short review after each ride. This way, a driver with a higher rating will have a competitive advantage over the rest. This motivates drivers to provide better service.



Marketplace rids you of the hassle of daily administration and settling payments with your drivers.  It’s the go-to tool for those who are looking for ways to monetize their network.

  1. Drivers add payment and payout data. They fill in their actual bank account information in the driver app.
  2. We ensure that the drivers agree with the decided commission, rules and the terms whilst signing up for your group.
  3. The system calculates your driver’s payment summary based on the number of accepted jobs and can even auto process the commissions and payouts.

How it works?

payment and payout

Drivers add payment and payout data. The drivers put their actual bank account information in the driver app.

fee group

Drivers agree with the defined commission, rules and the terms when signing up for your group.


The system calculates the driver’s Payment Summary, and can even auto-process the payout (minus commission).