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YDA, The Booking and Dispatch Platform for Taxi Companies

As an independent Taxi driver or fleet owner, business pressures continuously require you to improve your efficiency and working practices.

With that in mind, we have developed a new mobile platform called Yourdriverapp. Available via the Apple and Android app stores, it combines and improves methods already in use to enhance the day-to-day running of your business.

Why Do You Need Yourdriverapp?

For the vast majority of drivers, dispatchers, and company owners, multiple systems are part of daily life. From expensive dispatch systems to communication channels like Whatsapp Groups, and email lists they convolute and hamper business. However, Yourdriverapp’s purpose is to replace them with one single neat, mobile package.

How can it improve your business?

For The dispatcher

He/she responds to jobs from the public and then communicates with a driver who may be available. If that driver is ready to work, the job becomes booked, and a pickup time given.

However, should the driver not be available or contactable, it becomes a repetitive process. All of which takes time, Yourdriverapp, removes this scenario, how?

As a dispatcher using the app, you will see who is available for work, on a job, and in the vicinity of the customer. How does this help? It means the driver nearest to the pickup location and available becomes automatically chosen for the job. However, if he/she does not respond within a certain amount of time, the job is offered to an additional driver.

That means the whole process from customer enquiry, to confirmation of a pickup time and location happens much faster. No longer will some customers be turned away!

For The Driver

As a driver, Yourdriverapp, puts him or her in constant contact with the dispatcher. Thanks to GPS location technology, his/her location is known, plus, availability is onscreen. Meaning that should a driver be available, in the right vicinity, on a break, or their shift is over the dispatcher automatically knows.

Furthermore, thanks to the inbuilt messaging feature, lines of communication are always open. Meaning, jobs can be passed between single drivers or a network of drivers.

Forget Multiple Systems

As we have touched upon above, Yourdriverapp is an all-in-one system. By that, we mean, while a customer may call in for a pickup, the dispatcher uses the app for everything after that point. No longer is a call over the radio required or a response/request via Whatsapp. As a user, you know where everyone is, if they’re available, and almost instantly when pickup will take place.

A Free Mobile Solution

As a free iOS and Android application, it is the most important tool a driver or fleet owner like you will ever use. We have many years of experience creating applications for mobile use. However, this one has been developed to improve the dispatching and booking process. It will be a game changer for the taxi industry, by increasing efficiency and potential earnings.

What Happens When You Start to Use the App?

As soon as you have downloaded it, at your fingertips is the ability to build, manage, and grow your network of drivers/colleagues. Within minutes, you will be able to view driver availabilities, dispatch work, and more. From the easy to access interface of a mobile phone, at last, the dispatching process is genuinely portable.

But that is not all …

You Can Increase Income

Yourdriverapp isn’t just a better way to book and dispatch; it also has the potential to grow your revenues. The platform enables you to generate extra income via your network of drivers.


Don’t have the time to take on a job; you can share it and agree on a valuable commission for doing so. Additionally, the platform can calculate and take care of all payments, meaning timely payment into yours and a fellow drivers bank account.

Stay in Touch via Messaging

Text communications to maintain contact with a network of drivers longer need to be via a work only device. Thanks to Yourdriverapps built-in messaging system, information is delivered instantly, is relevant and road conditions and more can be shared.

How Does it Work?

In essence, Yourdriverapp is a multi-platform dispatcher service. For it to work as designed, it requires an internet connection; this can be via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Plus, it needs to have access to yours and every driver’s location data. With that connectivity, it can keep the dispatcher informed of drivers whereabouts, availability, and provide passenger location information.

Thanks to our in-house developed data exchange technology, the app can do this in real-time and share across the network. Meaning everyone is continually informed and updated, there are no blank spots in the data.


As for basic features, there are many; however, below we have detailed some of the most important for you.

  • Registration using a mobile phone number for fast setup.
  • Fast dispatching based on using a drivers phone location.
  • Tracking of drivers on route to pickup and during the job.
  • Driver rating scores and feedback functionality.
  • Timely status updates via Push notifications.
  • Earn commision when sharing jobs with your network

An Option to Personalise

While our free app features everything you need to grow, you may already have a recognisable business/brand. As such, there is more we as developers and the Yourdriverapp can do for you. Think White Label, if the standard version, does not meet your brand esthetics, it can be tailored to your requirements.

What does that mean?

We understand that no two businesses are the same. As such we will assist you from the start until you to have the desired design and features. Ultimately, you will have an app that is personalised to your every business need.

Want to find out more?

Now that you understand how revolutionary for the Taxi industry Yourdriverapp is. Please feel free to ask us questions. Additionally, as it costs nothing to take a look, why not download it now for iOS and Android. After which if you need help we are happy to assist.

Whatever you decide, it’s clear, there’s no other platform like it available to the Taxi, and Limo driver industries.