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Yourdriverapp Integration with Taxi Butler is Now Live

We at Yourdriverapp are pleased to announce, our integration with Taxi Butler is now live. Now, thanks to our innovative software, and the unique proposition that is the Butler service, drivers will benefit.

As a driver using our app, you have the benefit of instant dispatching and the sharing of jobs to the groups you have created. Plus the ability to be able to communicate with your colleagues via the inbuilt messaging service at all times. That is possible, thanks to our advanced software, and easy to use API, all of which has facilitated the integration with Taxi Butler.

Why Taxi Butler?

Imagine a way to connect your driver group to a device / an ordering service, which almost guarantees more business. Not only does that mean, increased revenues, but it also enables you to grow your existing client base. And that ultimately leads to the need for more drivers and a larger business.

What is Taxi Butler

The Butler device is an easy to setup tool which integrates with your group and Yourdriverapp dispatching. Available in One, Pro, and Kiosk configurations, the device is a simple one. It sits in reception at a hotel, on the bar at a restaurant, or at a company reception. With the press of a button, it talks to Yourdriverapp and provides cab details and arrival time. This information is transferred live, keeping the user updated, and most importantly no one waiting. Together the app and Taxi Butler represent the perfect symbiosis for a driver and his/her groups. Now a much broader client base is reachable, all within the vicinity of the closest driver or specific group.

 Taxi Butler Installation

Thanks to the easy to use Yourdriverapp API, connecting to Taxi Butler is simple. Meaning, that you could soon have a group local to the ordering device connected. As for the physical unit, no engineer is required, just a piece of double-sided tape or two screws.

Where connectivity is concerned, it communicates with Yourdriverapp using an internal sim-card. As for data, that comes as part of your contract. However, it runs via private APN, and secure VPN connection. All-in-all, the Taxi Butler system with Yourdriverapp integration takes 3-minutes to set up.

A Perfect Combination

Together, we believe, our app and the Bulter device, offer unrivaled reach. Not only is the combination easy to setup and use. But thanks to the automation of the taxi dispatching process, happy customers become regulars.

We, of course, are here to help along every step of your journey to increased business. No matter what booking tool you want to connect Yourdriverapp with, we are here to help!

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