Dear Driver,

The YourDriverApp driver cooperation platform is our gift to the global driver community. It’s the result of the calling felt to be of service and do something meaningful, something that matters in this world.

After being active for over 10 years in the market of online dispatching solutions, I realised that I had come to a turning point in my life. The whole team had worked tirelessly for about three years on a completely new collaboration platform that we were all really excited about and we were now finally ready to launch.

In the process of discussing the right marketing approach, I came to realise how much I personally had changed in those last 10 years. I realised how little interest I still had in creating yet another institution in this world that is mainly interested in money; in serving itself and its investors. When I looked more deeply into myself, I found that first and foremost I needed the project to be meaningful. Something that improves the lives of people. It should really be a positive addition to this world, not just beneficial to a small group of stakeholders while many of its users actually pay the price.

I realised there and then that we had unwittingly created the perfect starting point to do just that. Our team had managed to complete this first version of the platform without any external investors or loans and were therefore completely independent to whatever we wished. On the technical side we had created a unique dispatching platform designed to serve people (drivers) over enterprises. Our technical dispatch architecture sets it apart from anything out there in the way that it sets the person (driver, entrepreneur) central as our customer, not the business.

So here we are. Introducing YourDriverApp:

  • Purpose – Deliver a net positive impact on the lives of the existing pool of entrepreneurial taxi and limo drivers.
  • Vision –  Make independent drivers more successful by connecting them with each other and the global demand for transportation.
  • Mission – Empowering independent drivers by helping them to join forces in private groups and together be successful in servicing customers in their local market.
  • Drivers first – We commit to always put the welfare of drivers first in every decision and innovation
  • Personal – We serve people over businesses
  • Building driver communities – We are here to facilitate cooperation  amongst independent drivers in private groups.
  • Pay as you can business model – We strive to deliver a net positive value to every one of our users. Donation-based, optional contracts for businesses with a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.
  • Social impact  – Making money is not a goal by itself but a means to end: maximising our positive impact on the lives of drivers worldwide.

On behalf of the whole team

Mewis Koeman
CEO YourDriverApp