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How does YourDriverApp ever plan to make money with a donation based product?

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A most relevant question. Although making money is not our first priority, it still is important to make sure there is enough income generated to be able to maximize our positive impact on our driver community.

It is very true that with YourDriverApp it will be possible to run a fleet at a fraction of the costs of any other solution out there. It will be possible to control a fleet of a 1000 drivers with only 1 Business Dispatcher licenses for you as the operator. That would lead to a total cost of 24,99 EUR per month. Or 0,02EUR per driver per month. Kinda hard to believe right?

First and foremost thing is that we trust that in the end we will get what we deserve. If we commit ourselves to delivering real value to our customers (drivers) then that will pay of one way or another.


  • We believe that drivers will actually be open to donate if we make sure that they understand how we are actually improving their lives.
  • We believe in economies of scale. With over 7 million drivers worldwide, this approach could lead to considerable users volume. The more users, the lower the costs per user.
  • We aim to have at least 10% of our users choose to support us with one of our paid business plans.
  • We keep our options option to generate extra income from in-app advertisements to free users it we think that that would be beneficial to strengthen the community.

With the channels described above we expect to be viable at 90k user.

For major new developments we will start crowdfunding campaigns amongst our user community. Through this we assure also that we keep spending our time on projects that our customers are actually waiting for.