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Our sophisticated cloud-based solution provides 24/7 insight regarding transactions and earnings from the connected apps!

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Driver Portal

Login to your driver account

Our cloud based portal is the informational hub for our apps and connected services. The go-to place for you to get insight regarding analysis, statistics and information about jobs, shifts and earnings from.

Earnings and payouts

Earnings and payouts

We have made it really easy for you to see how much you’ve been paid in the past and what’s still coming. Monthly driving summaries are emailed to you, and they’re also archived in the driver portal online.



View a list of all your past jobs originating from either the passenger apps or any other connected conduit. Rides are displayed in chronological order, with your most recent trip shown at the top of a vertical list. You can review the details of any job by just tapping on it.



Every new shift you start in the driver app is registered with its own unique id. All movements and status changes you make from the beginning of this shift until its end are automatically archived and linked to the shift id. Since all the information can be exported and downloaded from your profile, the need for a paper trip administration has become obsolete!



Ratings and reviews are simple yet powerful tools to keep your service quality high.

Your customers will be able to set the rating of a driver and leave a short review after each ride. This way, a driver with a higher rating will have a competitive advantage over the rest. This motivates drivers to provide better service.

Go Plus

Go Plus!

The driver portal comes as an integrated part of the YourDriverApp. Any user of the driver app can login to the portal and start exploring the sea of information. Plus user will have the following additional benefits:

  • All archived information about jobs, shifts, etc. (from up-to 5 years back) is ready to be exported (free users up to 7 days).
  • Plus users will have group management options

Extra options for fleet managers

With our platform, fleet managers can easily generate money via their network. Our system can calculate all commissions and possible payouts applicable to the driver’s bank account.

For bigger networks, we also provide the option to completely rebrand the portal with your own corporate identity! Read more


driver portal

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