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We are a team based in the Netherlands, who all share two things: the passion for web performance, and a commitment to making products that are easy to use.

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YourDriverApp Team

In the past years we have built the best, fastest and most user-friendly taxi booking and dispatch apps

Technology is revolutionising the way people catch a cab with a ride now just a click away through new players like like Uber, Lyft, Grab and others. While we think this is great for consumers, drivers are not always benefiting. All over the world, drivers are getting more and more dependant on these multi billion dollar firms that are really only about keeping their investors happy.

Why are we so different? We are not getting in between. The driver is our customer and our single purposse is to supply him with the fastest, easyest and cheapest technology arround.

We are new, but certainly not born yesterday. We have started development in 2016 with a team that has years of experience in building app based dispatch systems.

Product launch is scheduled for Q4 2017

60+ apps in 10 countries

60+ apps in 10 countries

dispatched rides

Proven platform with over 1mln dispatched rides

dispatch app development

9 years experience in dispatch app development

YourDriverApp Team

Be part of something great

We like to say that being a part of YDA is unlike anything you have done before. You will be tested and challenged. You will be stimulated and inspired. And above all you will be proud. Because at the end of the day you will have helped shape not only yourself, but the entire company. We believe passionate people want to make a difference and be part of something big.