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YourDriverApp as a WhatsApp for drivers

YourDriverApp as a WhatsApp for drivers

Hundreds of thousands of taxi and limo drivers worldwide use WhatsApp groups to exchange work with fellow drivers. This makes WhatsApp by far the most used ‘dispatch system’ in the world. 

These groups are typically a mixture of on the one hand taxi or limo business owners with a strong network of loyal customers and on the other hand drivers looking for extra rides when they happen to be available. Group management is done by the the business owners making sure the fleet is meeting the quality expectations of their customer network.

For those responsible for creating and distributing the rides in the group, work could be far more efficient with a system that has actually been developed for processing and administering jobs. Being a chat app, WhatsApp does not support things like real time driver tracking, easy address entry or job administration. Benefits for executing drivers are often less clear. Especially if the driver only depends on his work from a the group for a limited part of his income, he will not be willing to switch to an often expensive and complex system.

For this YourDriverApp launches “the WhatsApp for taxi and limo drivers”. An app specifically made for the independent driver who has gathered a group of colleagues with whom he cooperates and dispatches rides within that group. Mobile job dispatching made easy! Book, plan, process and administer jobs with your own secure group. Easy to use and free for drivers!

Dispatching your first job with YourDriverApp is incredibly easy. It does not even require any preparation or setup. Download the free app, create a job by searching for an address or select one from your address book and assign it to one of the drivers in your phone contact list. If the selected driver contact is not yet a YourDriverApp user, the app allows you to share the trip as a link to the driver via Whatsapp, Telegram or any other social media.

The assigned driver now has the option to download the free app from this link, after which all the details of the job are available in the app. Including option to message or call the driver or start navigation to pickup and drop-off address.

The status of the job and the real-time location of the assigned driver is always visible to the dispatcher. After the driver has completed the job, the required administration is automatically generated. All information about the job can be found in the job overview; including information on how the job is processed, such as pick-up and drop-off times and route taken. This way administration is done automatically!

Because all this information is stored and easily accessible, you can print an overview of all the jobs you have dispatched and to whom at the end of your working day or working week. You can also check to see how much work you have given to a certain colleague. This way financial settlement with your drivers is no problem at all. The times of having to go through your WhatsApp group to find which rides you had sent are gone for good.

Automated dispatching
Being fully in control of assigning a driver to a job is eminent but you can also let the app take a lot of work off your hands by allowing automated dispatch within your private group. For example, share an unassigned job in YourDriverApp as a link in your existing WhatsApp, Telegram or mail group. The first driver to accept gets the job including all job details. And from there the automated processing and administration flow start again. 

YourDriverApp groups
Through seamless integration with your phonebook as well as WhatsApp, Telegram or mail groups, it is possible to start using YourDriverApp straight of the bat. Without the hassle of trying to get everybody on board first. This setup makes it incredibly easy to migrate to YourDriverApp, a next step could be to unleash the full potential of the app by using YourDriverApp Groups.

Creating your first YourDriverApp Group is easy and can be done directly from the app. Choose a name for your group and add drivers from your phone’s contact list. It is also possible to assign multiple admins who are responsible for managing the group.

The status and location of the group members are displayed in the app. The location of group members is displayed on a map or in a handy list where the driving direction and approximation of the current speed are also displayed. Depending on the group settings, this information can be viewed by all group members or only by group admins.

By using YourDriverApp groups, you can allow the system to automatically dispatch your trip to the most suitable driver within your group.

The system selects the most suitable driver based on:

  •   Availability and position of the driver in relation to the requested pickup address and time
  •   Matching by vehicle type and number of passengers
  •   Elapsed time since the driver had his last ride
  •   Information about the quality of service provided by the driver

If the selected driver refuses the trip or does not respond, the ride is quickly offered to the next driver. As a dispatcher you always receive immediate feedback about the result. Dispatching is incredibly fast. In active groups a suitable driver will be found within 10 seconds. Managing a not so active group? No worries, we just speed up the matching process. The system then informs 30 drivers within 30 seconds!

When you have created groups, YouDriverApp can act as an affordable yet highly advanced dispatch solution.

Link your own website, Taxi butler or passenger app to your YourDriverApp Group and receive a notification with every new booking in the linked group. Or allow the system to automatically dispatch the job to the driver within the YourDriverApp Group. All up-to-date information about the assigned driver is then available to both the manager of the group and is communicated to the passenger through the linked booking application.

Free for drivers
YourDriverApp is free for drivers, so there is no barrier for drivers to start accepting your jobs in the app. Free users can even create and dispatch unlimited jobs. For those that wish to be able to set commissions and create and manage their own private groups there are dispatcher plans available starting a EUR 7.99/month. There is no limit to the number of drivers that you can invite. No complicated licensing models. Example: for EUR 7,99 / month you can invite and manage a group of 1000 drivers, and more. If you are up for it 😉